Alanya is the pearl of the Mediterranean.

Alanya is a resort city in Turkey at the Mediterranean sea. For many compatriots, Turkey is a country of  low-cost mass tourism of the system “all inclusive”, but such a mistake is peculiar to those who have never been to Alanya, and the one who still visited the heart of the Mediterranean, understands that this Turkish resort is not much inferior to the azure coast of Europe.

This city had a lot of names, he survived many events, until finally became known as Alanya. His rich pirate past is still legendary. Pompey the Great, Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Cleopatra and many other historical characters have chosen this city many centuries ago for its gentle shores, clean aquamarine sea, cozy Harbor and a special climate. Today, Alanya is the most famous resort in the South of Turkey with luxury hotels and interesting tourist places.

Having visited Alanya, you will enjoy a tart bouquet of oriental hospitality and impeccable service combined with exceptional opportunities for relaxation and comfortable life and will not be able to compare this amazing place with any other resort.

The ancient fortress of Alanya, a romantic symbol of the city, is illuminated by the flickering lights, hovers over the port and the sea, and around the bustling bright, rich life. According to legend, the fortress of Alanya was presented by Mark Anthony to Cleopatra, and the famous Cleopatra beach of the most gentle, as in hourglass, sand, was brought here from Egypt specifically for the Empress. There is no historical evidence that Cleopatra had a rest here herself, but there is evidence that the forest for the Egyptian Queen’s fleet was cut down in Alanya by her order. After all, there is amazing nature: mountains, cedar and pine forests, beautiful sea in this region of Turkey.

Alanya has the longest swimming season at the Mediterranean coast from April to December. Even in the off-season the temperature of air and water here does not fall below 15-18 degrees. The Mediterranean subtropical climate dominates in Alanya, which forms a comfortable weather throughout the year. It is noteworthy that due to the location of the resort on the southern Turkish coast, washed by the warm Mediterranean sea, the temperature of both water and air is always two or three degrees higher than other resorts in Turkey. In addition, the mountainous terrain of the southern part of the country (there are are the most beautiful Taurus mountains) is an excellent barrier that protects Alanya from cold and piercing winds from the North. Therefore, Alanya is rightly recognized as the warmest resort in Turkey. Winter in Alanya is warm and comfortable, on average 18-20 degrees, and therefore, many Europeans and our compatriots choose Alanya not only for summer holidays, but also for winter holidays.

The comfortable climate of Alanya and democratic prices for services in the field of tourism attracts many organizers of various projects; for example, every year there are many international and regional cultural and sports events: triathlons, Bicycle races, sports matches, festivals, competitions, concerts.

In the heart of the city there is an amazing Damlatash cave. It was discovered recently, when an explosion occurred on the quarry. Then the entrance was open to the cave with stalactites and stalagmites. The cave will be interesting to visit for tourists with children and all lovers of nature, as well as people suffering from respiratory diseases, including asthma, because the cave has a tremendous therapeutic effect because of its humid climate.

The nightlife of Alanya is varied and diverse, the choice of nightlife is huge. The city has a large disco and international level, and cozy little bars that are always ready to welcome you. The greatest number of night places is concentrated in the Bay area, where a lot of yachts go to incendiary night parties. Restaurants of different levels and for every taste are happy to its visitors until late at night, there is no Siesta, all work until the last customer. Turkish service is recognized as one of the best services in the world, and you will be pleased with the price, the average bill per person, as a rule, three times lower than the price in any European restaurant.

Morning Alanya will wake you with the smell of sea breeze with notes of freshly brewed coffee. In each cafe in the morning you will be offered Turkish tea with fresh delicious pastries. Day also doesn’t  have to be bored, amazing comfort city you will never get bored. In Alanya there are all kinds of fashionable entertainment: yachting, paragliding, diving, rafting, horse riding. Lovers of shopping are available as traditional Turkish products and modern fashion brands. You will be able to visit a hundred of interesting attractions: water Park, amusement Park, Dolphinarium, sea city, ride a submarine and a funicular, as well as a variety of cultural and historical excursions.

Alanya is an ideal resort for holidays with young children: warm sea, soft sand, hundreds of entertainment for children, international children and youth camps – all this year attracts tourists for recreation and permanent residence. By the way, in recent years, students from different countries choose Alanya for higher profile education, because two international universities opened their doors for foreign students: the State University of Alladdin  Keykubat and a private University AHEP (Hamdullah Emin Paşa). In Alanian universities, you can learn a lot of specialties in the field of tourism, management, and since 2017, the medical faculty has been opened. A simplified system of admission for foreigners will please any applicant. Many people move to Alanya for permanent residence with their families, because there are many international schools in different languages for children in Alanya, including Russian school.

Health tourism is actively developing here: clinics of international level are opened, dentistry of European level will please patients with the price and quality, balneological caves are offered  for the treatment of respiratory diseases, and you can get the thermal springs using 3-4 hours by car.

Endless pleasure will take a trip to the mountains, where the clean air and absolute silence give a feeling of complete harmony. Restaurants and picnic areas located on the banks of mountain rivers are excellent places to relax.

Alanya is a city-Museum. There is no need to visit the exhibition halls, museums. Everything about ancient history is in plain sight. Therefore, you can travel around the city on your own, rent a car or rent a bike, admiring the beauty of nature, bright landscapes and monuments of ancient architecture. Alanya is an opportunity to combine beach holidays and historical tourism. And the unique climate of Alanya, combined with the democratic prices of real estate and a simplified package of purchase and registration of real estate became the reason for the choice for permanent residence for many Europeans and our compatriots.